Energy Spectra of TeV Sources Measured with the Durham Mark 6 Telescope


Simulations have been made of the response of the Durham Mark 6 atmospheric Cherenkov telescope to air showers generated by ALTAI, CORSIKA and MOCCA codes. Comparisons are made between the simulations and real data. The effective collection area of gamma ray showers, including the retention factor is derived as a function of energy. On the basis of this work the flux of the AGN PKS 2155-304 above 1.5TeV is derived to be 2.1 $±$ 0.2syst $±$ 0.5stat $times$ 10-7 m-2 s-1 .

Michael Aye
Michael Aye
Research Scientist in Planetary Science

My research interests include remote sensing of surfaces, related machine learning studies and open source software.