Search for TeV emission from the region around PSR B1706-44 with the HESS experiment


The region around PSR B1706-44 has been observed with the HESS imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes in 2003. No evidence for $γ$-ray emission in the TeV range was found at the pulsar position or at the radio arc which corresponds to the supernova remnant G 343.1-2.3. The 99% confidence level flux upper limit at the pulsar position is Ful(E>350 GeV) = 1.4 $times$ 10-12 s-1 cm-2 assuming a power law (dN/dE ∝ E-$Γ$) with photon index of $Γ$ = 2.5 and Ful(E > 500 GeV) = 1.3 $times$ 10-12 s-1 cm-2 without an assumption on the spectral shape. The reported upper limits correspond to 8% of the flux from an earlier detection by the CANGAROO experiment.

Michael Aye
Michael Aye
Research Scientist in Planetary Science

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