Mamba is the new Conda

Mamba is a CLI tool to manage conda environments and a drop-in replacement for the conda CLI tool. It is built in C/C++ and hence resolves package dependencies much faster than the Python-coded conda.

It also offers parallel downloads for new or updated packages, so that updating your environment or adding a new package isn’t a chore anymore, it’s blazing fast! :)

You install it (only!) into your conda base environment like so:

conda activate base
conda install -c conda-forge mamba

When creating a new Python system, I can recommend to go immediately for the new mambaforge installer, that will:

  • install mamba into your base so that it is immediately available
  • point all your package requests to the awesome conda-forge channel where a huge community provides all the scientific Python packages and dependencies (like gdal and OpenCV) in a much faster update cadence then the defaults channel of anaconda does.

I am working exclusively with the the conda-forge channel for several years and never, or very rarely, had an issue with that.

Just remember: Don’t mix channels much, the less the better. (It’s okay for a one-time mamba install into your base though.)


Michael Aye
Michael Aye
Research Scientist in Planetary Science

My research interests include remote sensing of surfaces, related machine learning studies and open source software.